Monday, September 10, 2007


Helloooooooo everybody! So I just got home from a late night shopping extravaganza. OK not really, I just went to Target, with Jaleah. But we had fun! Caleb and I have been shopping non-stop for furniture and little accent pieces to put in our family room. At first the whole "getting the house together" idea was fun, now it is monotonous. One weird thing I have found out is a lot of furniture stores are going out of business. By out of business I mean REALLY going out of business (some stores just say that so you walk in an buy stuff, we know of a store that has been "going out of business" for a year and a half) For those of us who live in the Inland Empire Toms Farm on E st. in San Bernardino has really nice furniture and reasonable prices. (cue the commercial music) "So get on over to Toms Farm! Where were not crazy but our prices are!"
Anyway, yeah, I am pretty much done shopping for the house. Now I need to start buying decorations for papa's 75th B-day party. Whoot, a new reason to spend money!
I am still working out at World Gym. I don't know about the whole working out thing though. I mean, as soon as I get to where I can almost do three reps of rotational bicep lifts, Melissa (trainer) Ups my weights, so there is really never a feeling of total gratification.
Caleb is doing well. He is back on his golf kick. Which is cool as long as I get a new outfit every time he leaves me to spend five hours in the hot sun with one to three other guys. I just don't get it, what is fun about standing around, quietly, watching someone else hit a ball. Whatever. As the saying goes:
Life is random.
(kidding I just made that up)
Whoot now I have a famous quote!


Sandi Dillon said...

Is the new look a secret or can we have pics??

See ya soon!

Katie Booker said...

I too do NOT understand the whole "golf" thing!!! Seeing that my husband is usually one of the "OTHER" one to three guys I agree with your conditions of them going to play..a new dress sounds very good!
But, Sarrah, be thankful that your husband is only hooked on golfing.
He could be hooked on golfing, fishing, hunting, working name a few!
To each his own!!!