Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just another day with the Dillons

So, this week has been uneventful so far (lol although it is only Tuesday). The church, pretty much, has the new sound system going. I have a mid-term in my history class tomorrow. Scary. And that is pretty much it.
Caleb had the day off yesterday so that was nice. Although, we stayed home cause he had to pay some bills and deal with paperwork. So, Joey and I just did what we could to stay out of the way.

Good news is I MIGHT GET A NEW PUPPY!!!!!!!!!. I mean, Caleb may, if he wants to, be getting another dog cause I told him Joey seems kinda lonely. :) If, my dear sweet husband who I love with all my heart, does let me get a puppy will pick it tomorrow. Fun! I think I will name it "Princess Zaria of Tanzania". That has a nice ring to it.

Joey "bobble head" Dillon.

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