Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just cause I want to.

I am posting just because I am in a posting kinda mood and something has been on my mind all day. since yesterday in fact. Yesterday afternoon I had speech class. In class we did impromptu speeches. These speeches are totally off the cuff. What we did was, we individually got in front of the class and then the teacher asked us a question. everyone's question was different so there was no way to prepare any kind of answer. So, a few kids when up and did there thing, and than no one went up so I decided it must be my turn. I walked to the front of the class and waited for my question. This is what I was asked " If you had a child, and a year after that child was born the hospital found out they gave you the wrong baby, would you give up the baby ?" This question took me by surprise because it was quite hard to just come up with an answer to that. So I took a minute to think (literally, standing in front of the class) I decided that I would give the child back. My reason was "in the end that child would find out he/she is not biologically mine AND that when the child was small I had the chance to restore that child it's biological parents but I did not." "I would be afraid that the child I raised would than find me selfish for looking out for my own feelings rather than the best interest of the child." to this my teacher looked me right in the eyes and said "Your not a mother are you?" (at that several other ladies chimed in and said no shes not)and said "no, but understand that a mother would love the child no matter what,but I am adopted and I also know what it is like to grow up and wonder what your parents look like." To me I was trying to do what was right for the child. Not for me. But apparently that was the wrong answer, cause I totally got shot down. I don't know, the whole conversation really bothered me. and it made me sad but I don't know why. I guess cause my maternal instincts were questioned.
So, I said all that to ask what would your answer have been?


Sandi Dillon said...

WOW!! What a question! In all honesty, you are the right one. But our society reacts with their emotions and not their understanding. Because we think through Christ, others do not even attempt to comprehend what we are saying. How sad that our society has lost the moral rights and wrongs!

Jana McVay said...

No matter what you answered, the instructor was wrong to question your instincts the way she did! The others in the audience were wrong as well. This wasn't sociology or psychology or even child development class!! This exercise was designed to make you speak from the heart. DO NOT take their criticisms to heart! You will make a great Mommy when God blesses you and Caleb with your "triplets"!!!! LOL (Lol at the triplet part NOT the Mommying) You also had life experience that colored your judgment call on this scenario, the ladies and instructor do not! They were thinking, "how could she give up a child?" not about the other family who has the wrong baby and so on! So many today think nothing of aborting a "fetus" but take offense when someone says they would do the right thing and give back this child to the right family. God help us and our confused society!

You gave a good answer! Hold your head up and know that one day you are going to be one of the greatest mommies on earth. (Mama Martin, Mama Thomas, my mom, Sis. Booker, and of course, me! are the other ones! LOL)