Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Only YOU can prevent Forest Fires!

Here are some maps of where the fires are in Southern California. This first map is of all of the fires. The little blobs of green are the fires that have been 100% contained as of yesterday. The second map is a more detailed map of our immediate area. As you can see the two fires around us have been contained. I am pretty sure the others that are burning are pretty far in the mountain.
Jaleah called me and told me that all San Bernardino County schools are closed today. (lucky, she works for the San Bernardino School District). So, I check the college homepage, and Valley is also closed because so many staff members need to take care of their property or family.
ALL DMVs are Closed. how dumb is that , we went to the DMV in Redlands, and every store is open they have no fire threat at all. and the DMV is closed "due to smoke" Dumb. I don't understand why all of the DMVs in our area need to close. That's government jobs for you.

Southern California fires 10-23-2007
By Andrew Blankstein and Rong-Gong Lin II


Katie Booker said...

Thank GOD they haven't gotten to us...YET!
Let's keep our fingers crossed and our water hoses ready!

I don't want to have to do the whole ILC camp out again!

Jana McVay said...

The winds are dying down so perhaps everything will calm down. I hope we don't have more Santa Ana's and more fires in our future. Too many people have already lost their homes and now we will hear about all the people who are fighting asthma and respiratory illnesses because of the soot and ash in our air!