Monday, October 22, 2007

Pants on Fire?

So, this morning I woke up to see the entire sky around me filled with smoke. That's right it is fire season in southern California. I am not sure how many fires are going right now but I know it is a bunch. It is kinda scary and reminds me of the year we had to evacuate our home because the fire was close to our neighborhood. (the fire fighters actually stopped the fire right behind my brothers house). My dad was feeling nervous too. This morning when I left for school, I saw him in the front yard, he said he was getting ready to evacuate. I am pretty sure there are no fires close enough to threaten our neighborhood, but I did hear that Cal State San Bernardino was evacuated this morning, and that the homes around were put on alert.
I just pray God will keep us safe and protect all of the men fighting the fire.

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Jana McVay said...

These fires are horrible and the WIND....OH MY!!!! I had a hard time breathing today because of the smoke and ash!

Hope that the winds die down and that your home and the rest of the Country Club area are protected!!!