Monday, November 26, 2007

Wow! What a GREAT time!

We are back from Fresno. HI DAD! I had a great time. On Friday we all went out to an old grape vineyard and played paintball. We had some really good games. The best part was when, my father in the law and I had a little "shoot out" (it was more like me whoopin' on him unmercifully)LOL. HI MOM! In the end he called hit first and so I will forever have bragging rights. :) Later that day, we went to see a play called, The best Christmas pageant ever. It was pretty funny. In fact, sometimes it was funny even when it wasn't supposed to be funny.
Saturday was nice. We went out to breakfast, bought some books from a used book store (owned by a woman who, possibly, has read every book in the store; and would like to tell you about ALL of them) and later we went to a historical site called, Meux Home. All in all we had a nice and relaxing weekend.
Link to Meux Home site:
LOL!!!!!!!! there's a little truth to this.

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Katie Booker said...

I LOVE that picture! Lets not run them out too quickly...I love their cooking =)