Thursday, December 6, 2007

Almost....but not quite

The last month as been so crazy. Slowly but surely, things are beginning to slow back down. I guess this is what I get for complaining that my life had been so dull.
A few of the big events that have been pending for so long are now completed. Those events are the youth Laugh-o-Rama and my persuasive speech. The LOR was great. The kids really put their all into the skits and I think that the parents found it quite humorous. We also raised a good amount of money for the youth fund which is wonderful. I am so proud of our youth group, we have so many great great kids in our group and I feel privileged to be apart of their lives.
I gave my persuasive speech yesterday afternoon. I almost did not make it to class because my keys have disappeared off of the face of the Earth. Poor caleb had drive home from Menifee to give me his spare key. (thanks to the power of tears) I feel like my speech went over well. My goal was : to persuade the listeners to throw out their television. Surprisingly I did not have too many people oppose my proposal during the Q&A period. I tried to address my topic from an academic stand and I believe that is what help my argument. There are tons and tons of studies on the negative affects of TV. Beyond religious reasons, people would be amazed at the harm TV can cause in a household. It also helped that the class was in shock when I told them I did not have a TV in my home. I became a national wonder in their eyes. LOL the teacher said he commends me for not watching TV LOL. OK?.
Hopefully, I will remember to take pics of this Sat. Ladies Luncheon. I meant to take pics of last weekend when we played paintball, but I had forgotten my memory chip for the camera, so I could only take two pics.

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