Friday, December 28, 2007

It is O.K. to pluck your eyes out.

Today, I went to get my eyebrows "cleaned up". Why? because they have been neglected for the last week and were looking pretty hairy. (No pun intended)(actually it was). I did not go to my regular eye brow cleaner upper, I went to the first spa-ish looking place I could find. BIG MISTAKE. When I walked in to, Nail and Spa, it looked just like every other "nail and spa" organization. I walked up to the counter, told the worker what I needed done, and waited for my turn. Soon enough, I am called to the back where they do the "clean ups". I sit down and the process begins. One big problem happened while I sat in that chair of torture, it hurt. I mean bad. The woman doing my eye brows was totally killing me. When she was finally done my entire face hurt and my eye brows were glowing red. I paid the woman and gave her a tip and walked out. When I got home I inspected my face and found that the lady had somehow burned by eye brow. Goodness. My Dad says it is the Lord's judgment for me plucking my eyebrows, my Mom corrected him and said "it is o.k. for us to pluck our eyes out".


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