Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Starting Off With a Bang

WHHOOOHOOO! yesterday night was so much fun! It started off ordinary, Caleb and I went to a party at my Brother's house. That was cool, we played games and what not. The real fun began after 12. My sister in law Kim and her daughter Justine came up with a GREAT plan to bring in the new year. That was, to go and see "The Watchers" in yucipia. The watchers are a pair of weird people that literally watch their street. They have a camera set up in front of their house, and if you stop in front of their house (not matter what time of day) they will come out raging mad with a flashlight and newspaper. In all honesty, it was one of the scariest situations I have ever been in.
So, we go see the watchers and as luck would have it we get pulled over by the sheriff cause they said we were harassing the watchers. (apparently, a lot of people had been by there yesterday) We tried to play it cool, but Kim, the driver, did not have her license cause she had forgotten her purse at the party. The Sheriff is being a jerk and tries to look Kim's license up on the computer, but comes back and says she can not find Kim's License number. She then asks Kim if she even has a license. After about five minutes of sitting in the car, we are let off with a lecture.

Next, we decide to go to the "scary road". Supposedly it is hunted by some woman who died. All that aside, Kim claims it has a gorgeous view; I never looked up long enough to see it. The watcher's house

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