Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter...

because I would be surprised to know that anyone still reads this considering the fact that I have gotten down to blogging about once a month.
Be that as it may, it's about time for an update:
1. I think I mentioned that Caleb's parents came down for a visit, if not, now you know. I am sorry to say that that visit could not have been too fun because Caleb and I were pretty busy, but we did what we could. LOL, on Saturday My mom in the law and I came home from the store to find my Dad in the law trying his best to mop up a weird brown liquid that had found it's way all over my pantry door and the kitchen floor (that was a little rhyme ). It turned out, he was hungry and spotted some old beef jerky in the back of the cupboard. The brown liquid was Worcestershire sauce that had fall off of the shelf and splattered onto the floor.
2. We gave my mom a party. It was the same weekend my Parents in the law were here. It was just a little get together between services on Sunday. Everyone had a nice time and no fights ensued.
3. I made the Dean's list. Now, I know for some of you making the Dean's list is just part of life, but I actually had to work at it. Therefore, I was glad when they said unto me, "Thou hast madest the listest".
4. The Easter contest is over. Whew, one of the longest three weeks of my life lol. More on that next month.
5. I should be studying for a test right now, but I am burnt out on school and so I would rather waste time typing to myself (see title).
um I can't think of anything else right now other than a bunch of nonsense. I started a crazy diet yesterday that probably wont last. Whoot graduated from Beginning Doggie School (I cried) kidding. I haven't gone to the gym since NOV. My Child Development teacher told me I am a wonderful student and helped me plan my future. I hate my biology class, but love the lab. I learned how to properly spray paint stuff. I think that's it, I mean I could go on but then I would have to start embarrassing myself and I am just not that delusional.
Now that's a cake.


Mom Dillon said...

Welcome back!!

Congrats on the Dean's List!!

You go, girlfriend!

Love ya!

Keri said...

That's fabulous that you made the Dean's List!

I'm sure Andy will have something bratty to say about it, so I'll just get this out of the way - HE never made the Dean's List, so I'm sure whatever comment he makes about it is JUST because he's jealous!

Andrew Dillon said...

You learned how to spraypaint properly? You mean you can do something other then graffiti??

HG said...

Yeah! A new post! Congratulations on all your fantastic accomplishments. And ... That is a cake!!


MG said...

Glad to see your back. I enjoy your blog and your sense of humor.
Fun read!

Keri said...

Did you get to see or hold Logan last night?! Is he not THE SWEETEST BABY EVER?!?!

Sarrah Dillon said...

yea I got to see him. Oh! he is so cute and full of smiles.