Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dog Napping?

No, this is not our dog. It is a stray that walked over to my house yesterday afternoon. She has a collier? caller? noose? with no tags. Why someone would spend so much money on a purebred beagle and not spend another $4 to buy an address tag is beyond me. She is super sweet, well taken care of, and obviously a house dog, so I thought I should hold on to her. I am hoping her owners will post signs or something pretty soon. Otherwise I guess I will turn her into the pound. (Or convince my in laws that Sam needs a playmate)

As cute as she is, I can't wait to get rid of her. Two dogs is enough work.

Caleb said, we should keep her and get rid of my old dog Joey.
I say we get rid of Devil Whoot.


Katie Booker said...

Wow..her eyes are COOL!!! Just don't send her over our way =)
She is cute tho!

Mom Dillon said...

The inlaw says NO!!!

Sam is just fine!

She is cute and looks very sedate and calm -- maybe Sam does need the influence!

Oh, well...still NO!

Dad Dillon said...

Send it home with Andy (if Nana and Papa will let it in the car)

Sarrah Dillon said...

Well now Caleb wants her, and is in talks about giving Joey to my nephew. :(
She is really active, so she and Whoot have been having fun.
I'm for whatever keeps him out of my garden.

Katie Booker said...'re gonna have little "Whoot"lits running around soon!

Sarrah Dillon said...

lol. dont worry that part is all taken care of