Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wet Dogs

Last night when Caleb and I got home from church, I went to the backdoor and let the dogs in. Whoot came shooting into the house and was really hyper. I thought Whoot was just excited to see Caleb, because lately Caleb has been really busy so he has not spent too much time with Whoot. I told Caleb that I had not fed the dogs, so he went outside to get their bowls. I began walking to our bedroom when I heard, what I thought was, Caleb yelling at Whoot for destroying something. I made a U-turn and walked back to the backdoor. When I got their I was met by one soaking wet Joey and Caleb laughing. Caleb said when he went to get the bowls he heard a little whimper. He looked around only to find poor Joey in the pool! He was sitting on the side step in the deep end because he could not jump out. (he is like 7 yrs old).
Who knows how long my poor dog had been in the pool. I mean it was 80 degrees outside and he was freezing cold. I felt so bad. BUT I am sure somehow it is all Whoot the Devil Dog's fault. That is why he was so happy when he came in the house that night, cause he thought he had offed his competition.
Did I ever tell you that the other day I saw Whoot dragging Joey around the yard by his tail. Yeah, so I think he pushed poor old Joey into the pool. But little did he know that Joey is a survivor. He has Gloria Gaynor's "I will survive" playing in his head 24/7 in stereo. LOL


The Dillons said...

I am leaving myself a comment. This video makes me laugh every time. I have seen it like four times already.

mom dillon said...

Poor ol' chap! Mebbe it's time Joey becomes a house dog.

Or -- great idea!! We'll send Sam, the dumb dog, to help protect Joey!! Whoot will spend so much time gettin' in trouble with Sam that he'll leave Joey alone!

(and we'll come visit all three grandpups at once!!!!!)

Mom said...

PS-- if needed, we'll send Andy, too!

Andrew the Unloved said...

Wow.. it's great to feel wanted.

Katie Booker said...

If they send Andy down, Whoot may push him in the pool too!
Or he may be chased by females.
I think he would choose the first rather than the last... =)

Anonymous said...

LOL. That is so true. See Andy you are wanted in Rialto. :)