Monday, June 16, 2008

Who Put The Lizard In My Bathtub!

Ok, so I came home yesterday afternoon and Caleb had a great surprise for me. I am not sure if he wanted to scare me or not, but he walked out of the kitchen proudly holding a large glass cup with a red math folder on top. Inside that cup was a fiveish inch long lizard. When I asked where he found this lizard he said it was in the tub. LOL, in fact it startled him, he said he almost stepped on it! I thought it was kinda cool that he caught it, but I was weirded out by the fact that a lizard had not only gotten into our house but had the time to walk to our bathroom (which is at the end of the hall) undetected. Caleb liked the lizard and said he would let lizards run around our house if we lived somewhere where things like that were acceptable, say the amazon jungle. (weird! for all I know he probably let it in) Be that as it may, we named him Freddy (I think) and let it go in our bushes with the hopes that he will eat the snails, I hate snails.


Katie Booker said...

Awww..poor little lizard just wanted a warm bath. =)

Who else but the most fantastic brother by law Sarrah has? said...

Well, Katie, I updated my own blog for once... so now I can leave comments here guilt free. :-p