Thursday, July 3, 2008

Glad I have Jesus

Well this will be a very long winded post, so but buckle up and enjoy the ride. Yesterday I had the most action filled, emotionally distressing four hours of my life. (Aside from the time I got in an accident on the freeway driving home from picking up my marriage licences. Sign? I think not)
I have been trying to get a job with the school district for about a month now. Two days ago I got a phone call to set up an interview, PRAISE THE LORD, that's what Caleb said. So, I called back yesterday and that's when my adventure began. I was told that I did not qualify for a preschool state license because a class that I took is not up to par with state regulations. WHAT!!!!! are you kidding me! I ask the man from H.R. what I should do, he said stop by the office, pick up a form that my preschool supervising teacher needs to fill out to verify my experience. OK! I can do that. So I drive to the H.R. office pick up my paper, look the paper over and realize I am only qualified (by hours worked) to be an associate teacher. So I get mad. There is no way that I went to school for two years just to make 8 dollars an hour! I should qualify for any position because I have my A.A. which should trump all this stuff.
So I take my hot tempered self over to the Child Development Department head and I ask her why I can't get a job I was specifically told I would be able to get. She then tries to calm me down and shakes her head and said "Yeah, we mirror our program to state regulations except in hours of experience". WHAT!!!! she knew this would happen and never told the students. She knew the class they push every CD Major to take is not as good as it could be and therefore the state scoffs at it. Now I am really really upset. So I then tell her " well then am I stuck? I went to school so I could make $8 an hour?" and she says, "yeah pretty much, all I can do is encourage you to get more experience hours." You should know the track I was taking to get credentialed is: you get an A.A. in child development and then take a mentor teacher class for Field experience. So I should not need 525 hours of experience! That is only for people who never when to school. Whatever
So I decide to apply for my state licencing in person. I go to the office, everyone is nice, I explain what is going on, they say, well fill this out and get your fingerprints done. OK! I can to that. I go to finger printing they don't have any appointments till next week, that's not cool cause I am leaving next week for FRESNO'S TEEN CAMP. So, in my extreme desperation and lack of pride, I ask if I can wait around in the hopes that someone will cancel. (cause this has got to get done today) They say, "OK that's fine, OH wait I have an open slot today at 1:20 but it is an 86 dollar fee, and we only accept money orders"
Cool, 30mins in downtown San Bernardino, there has got to be some place to get a money order. So I rush down the street like a mad woman and almost rear end some guy because I was not paying attention. I find a bank! Bless the Lord! I walk into the bank looking at the clock because I only have 20mins to get back, the line is taking FOREVER! I finally get to the teller, he is very kind ( a little too kind, if you know what I mean) He sweetly tells me that this bank only serves their actually customers and maybe I could drive around for 10mins trying to find some hidden Stater Bros. No Thank you. So I run to my car, I have about 15mins left. I see a Food4Less across the parking lot. I high tail it in the direction of the Food4Less only to be stopped by this huge curb that is between me and my goal. So I have to drive out of the parking lot, on to the street, and back into the Food4Less parking lot. I run inside (of course I am wearing high heels) Beg someone to call someone else who can get me a money order, get a money order, treasure as only a delusional overstressed applicant for a Child Development License can and walk out the door. Or I would have walked out the door but it was an enter only door and would not open not matter how much I moved around in front of the motion sensor, LOL there was an old man watching me and he just sadly shook his head when I finally realized jumping in front of the motion detector will not open the door. So I get into my car. I get to the fingerprinting office right at 1:20, they take me to the back tell me I brought too much money I will refund me 15 dollars next month. (YES!!!!) I turn in my State application they tell me I dont have to pay 55 dollars because there is a fund that is trying to get better educated teachers, so they will pay for it. (DOUBLE YES!!!) Ahhhhhh I feel such relief, I have on more paper to drop off, my work experience verification. I am talking to Caleb on the phone for the tenth time, being reminded that I should calm down, I am pulling my car keys out of my purse when I miss a step and FALL FROM THE CURB right onto my left knee. ( ARE YOU KIDDING ME!) the day has been so bad that was the breaking point. I sat on the curb and laughed a little at myself as I tried to piece together my phone. I pulled my skirt up a little cause it was white and gingerly got into my car so I could better inspect the damage done to my mortal body. It was a good gash (I should have gotten stiches, if only three), blood was running down my leg, it got on my purse somehow, and there was a little on my skirt but not too bad. BUT I still had to drop my verification form off. So I found a Starbucks napkin (thanks Starbucks) and a cute piece of ribbon and tied the napkin to my knee. (McGuyver ain't got nothing' on me) it slowed the bleeding and I drove to the other office building. I got out of the car tried as best as I could to Gracefully Limp across the lobby. (still wearing heels) I get to where I am going, I pat my knee cause it hurts. I guess I bled through my makeshift band aide cause a women siting in a chair across the room has an alarmed look on her face and I humbly explain that I fell in the parking lot. She suggests I ask the receptionist for a band aid, which at this point sounds like a good idea. I turn in my form and ask for a band aid, I have to again explain that I fell in the parking lot. To my surprise the receptionist laughs at me before she asks what size I need. I told her the biggest they have. So I now have a big band aid and no pride what so ever. I bandage my knee, get in the car and pray that today is not the day that I die, because at that point it would not have surprised me in the least. As I am driving home thinking everything out I couldn't help but think what the day would have been like without God. All day I was praying, pleading for God to help me get this or that done, for God to work it out, and even though I got beat up (literally) along the way, I accomplished more that what I thought I would. (The fact that I got my state app turned in on the same day as I picked up it is a miracle in itself)
So I would like to publicly (not sure how public this is) give glory to God for giving me a good story to tell and for just being God.


Bekki said...

Oh Lord, I have had days like that. And I must say that I was very thankful for Jesus as well!

I saw your post a bit further down requesting HI! =)

Erica Rose said...

HAHAHAHA Oh my!!!! Sarah I just have to say thank you for this post!!!! Hahaha I needed it!! I so feel your pain!!!! Lol! You just "gracefully" get yourself into the most amazing situations! LOL