Monday, July 14, 2008

Donkey Rock, I recommend everyone needs to go at least once

I had an AWESOME AWESOME time at teen camp last week. Wow, I can not even describe how much fun it was. We had good fun and more importantly good good church. Bro Joel preached every evening and I am telling you, God moved in the alter services in a powerful way. I don't have any pics of the church though cause I was usually too busy to stop and take any, but take my word for it We had GOOD CHURCH.
The young ladies in my cabin were so sweet, we all got along very well and fortunately the only brawl we had was an organized wrestling match. :)
All in all it was a wonderful experience and I will definitely try my best to go back next year.

I Misspelled Choir


Katie Booker said...

Welcome home!!! Those pictures bring back sooo many memories! Donkey Rock is the best!!!

Erica Rose said...

LOL!!! I knew it Sarrah! 2:45 AM???? Everytime we had a youth outing and spent the night somewhere, if our room was boring and fell asleep (which always happened) we knew your room would be wide awake and very entertaining! LOL the most recent that I can remember was your side of the girls cabin at Winter retreat! our side was dark and quiet and I hear POUNDING on the walls!!! Who was it??? Hmmmm... take a guess

The Dillons said...

LOL I miss spelled Choir!!

The Dillons said...

LOL I misspelled, misspelled

Lozano Family said...

Awesome pictures! How did you actually get any sleep on those mattresses?? I just can't wait until my kids are ready to go to camp!