Friday, July 18, 2008


Ok, so it is 9:30 and I just woke up. This is really not normal for me, I am an early riser. For the last three days I have not been able to go to sleep. It is one of the more insane feelings I have ever experienced in my life. I am dead tired, but it's like the nerves in my body just won't rest. I start to fall asleep and then my back spasms or my legs jerk and I am awake again. Yesterday I went to "sleep" in another room cause I felt bad for waking Caleb up all night. I would go from lying down, to propping my pillows, to just giving up and sitting on the edge of the bed in a zombie like state. THEN, I started thinking about all the paperwork I needed to have for this morning's orientation, so imagine this, I am rummaging through all our files at 2AM. AHH I promise the night before last, I laid in bed crying cause I was so tired and I could not sleep (insanity). I think I did finally fall asleep as the sun was rising, so what ever time that was, (I guess I should have looked it up on the Internet). Honestly, the only reason I am up right now is cause my lovely husband just came and woke me up (like I haven't been awake all night). He is trying to make sure I am responsible and get to my job orientation on time today.

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