Monday, July 21, 2008

just for me

Every once in a while I like to unwind by posting any randomness that comes to mind. This is that post.
1) I have been taking some meds that are keeping me up at night, and therefore making me sleepy during the day. I am not asking for pity I am just rambling away.
2) My grass is dying in the front and back yards! I have lawn guys who come to care for my lawn, but they are not doing too good of a job. I would fire them, but I feel bad cause they are probably up on hard times like everyone else and I wonder if losing my business would cause too much stress on them. I don't want them to go do anything drastic because they lost another customer.
3) The dogs are good, Caleb thought Joey was going blind and was hinting around about putting him down. But Joey is fine, I checked :)
4) My garage is dirty again. Well, cluttered not necessarily dirty.
5) We have had an extended house guest, which has been cool. I am not so lonely during the day while I wait for my job to start.
6) I am starting a job, and I hope it starts sooner than later.
7) It is a pain trying to find tickets to Tulsa for P.E.A.K. I have been looking for a couple of days, and I think we have some tickets in mind. $517 for two round trip tickets. I think that is a good deal.
8) I have been praying for God to give Caleb and I a stronger burden for youth in general. Of course we love working with our youth group. It has been just recently that I have gotten a real revelation that we are not just working with a youth group, but we are investing in the future of the apostolic movement. I want my children to have strong role models/preachers/teachers and the only way I can help guarantee that is to put all the energy I can into helping our young people build a strong relationship with God.

And that is about it, of course there is always more going on in my mind, but give me a couple of months and I may share some of that too.

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