Saturday, July 26, 2008

My 2nd Job

Thank God! I went to my interview over prepared and it was a piece of cake. I have medium sized plastic file box that is filled with lesson plans and activity ideas. It also contains my current portfolio of important "job hunting" papers. Caleb convinced me that I needed to take this file with me even though the HR Secretary said I did not need to bring a thing. As it turns out, I did not need to bring a thing, but I did look mighty intimidating to the other applicants. It seems like if you got called in for an interview you were pretty much guaranteed a job unless you really really mess up in the question and answer section. (I guess it was a good thing I did not tell the interviewer that misbehaving children usually get duct taped to the wall.) I am glad getting a job has been pretty easy. Now I just have to wait for all the paperwork stuff to finish, and the orientation, and the paperwork stuff and than I can start bringing home a paycheck.
Also my preschool teaching credentialing application is going to the State next weeks so I should have my official certificate in a couple of weeks. Whoot!

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Erica Rose said...

YAAYY!!! Congratulations Sarrah!!! You're so cool!!! Best of wishes!