Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Day

>Family Day Games:

Alphabet Soup Spelling Bee: each team must spell as many words as they can using the letters found in alphabet soup.

Peanut Butter Choco Puff Toss: Team must pick a leader. The leader's face is then covered in peanut butter. From a designated distance the team than tosses choco puffs at the leaders face. The team that has the most choco puffs stuck to their leaders face at the end of the given time limit is the winner (this game was a total blast to watch!)

Water Fight: Guns, condiment bottles and water balls. 'nough said


The unwanted (apparently) spell checker said...

You don't gotta hide from the truth and delete an entire post just cuz I corrected a few errors!!

Don't Hate, Agradulate said...

LOL, I deleted it because I was messing with Caleb. He never got to see it.

Anonymous said...

Did the warped person who created the coco puff game ever get to be a capitan?

It looks like a blast to WATCH --only!!

How many words did the qualifying alpha soup team come up with?

dont tell them I told you said...

we dont know. I asked and he said they were just sort of makeing up random points for each word. The team with the most points won.