Thursday, August 21, 2008

Give your self a hand

So today was my first day of work. It was GREAT. God really blessed me. I was assigned to a classroom that had some of the coolest teachers I have ever met. (as a reminder: most of my aiding will be done in special ed. classrooms) The kids were really good and I just had an all around good time. At one point I was sitting in the room thinking, "I'm getting paid to do this?", it was wonderful. By the end of the day I was singing songs with one of the kids and every time we would finish he would say, "Now give your self a hand, Bravo! bravo!". It was so sweet.
God also blessed me today with a new pair of shoes, for $3.79 after taxes. Seriously, I have been looking for some cute black flats for like over three months. Today, I decided I was going to shop until I found them. (Can't chase kids in high heels) So, I went to several different stores, but always left empty handed. Finally I went to Koal's and was begging God to help me find some cute shoes for cheap. (haven't got my BIG pay check yet). I was starting to really whine in prayer when I looked down and saw the cutest pair of shoes. I picked them up, they had no tag, I took them to the front desk and the lady at the counter looked at them and then left to find a price. When she came back she said she could not find anymore like it, but she found some BONGOS that kinda looked the same and would charge me the BONGO price. Now, the Bongos were on clearance, but I was not about to pay a name brand price for shoes with a label I have never heard of. I said thus to the checker and she said she would give them to me for $7, I said cool and they scanned the Bongo tag, intending to mark it down another fifty percent. Glory to God, when the tag scanned the price was $3.50. I said awesome and then I asked what size the Bongos were. LOL unfortunately they were nines. I wear a six.
So once again God has blessed the Dillons. I had a great first day, (they asked for my number so they could request me when needed) and I got some cute shoes for less than 5 bucks.

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