Thursday, August 7, 2008

We made it!

Today is our 4th anniversary! to celebrate we are going to take Caleb's mom, Grandma, and Jaleah out to dinner. LOL, ok, ok, we are really going to dinner with the above said parties, but tomorrow we are leaving to go camping at Barton Flats. How romantic! ok, so not exactly romantic (at first glance), but when you have been married this long you don't need fancy smancy hotels to show you how to be romantic. It just comes naturally. So I am looking forward to sitting under a starry sky, near a warm golden flickering fire, roasting puffy puff marshmallows with my husband. Yeah, it will be all cutesy whutesy until the devil whoot (who is going with us) jumps on me, steals my marshmallow and leaves me with nothing but a stick dripping with dog drool, all while Caleb is howling laughing at the whole situation.

Happy Anniversary to Us! next year we are planning to go to the Louisiana Camp Meeting! now that will be totally awesome waasome.
Love convinces you it is ok to listen to your girlfriend and strike a cutesy pose.


pcsolotto said...

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SheGazelle said...

Happy Anniversary guys!

The straight one of the two sons said...

he's so ghey

But happy anniversary anyways :) You've put up with him for 4 years... give it 19 more and we'll be even

Anonymous said...

lol you are too much, best brother by the law ever

Katie Booker said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
I'm a little worried about that picture of Caleb tho...scarY! lol