Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Copy Cat

so I was clicking through different blogs the other day, and I came across Bekki's post that stated she and a friend were going to see Brian Regan. Caleb, Andy, and I went to one of his shows a couple of years ago, and it was soo much fun. The comedy was very clean and hilarious. So, when I found out he is going to be in Riverside next weekend I quickly made arrangements to go. I just booked our tickets and now I am going to hurry up and wait for Oct 11th.
If anyone else wants to go there is still seating available in the middle section. If you have never heard of Brian Regan you owe it to yourself to at least look him up on the web.

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Bekki said...

You too! The big yella one is duh sun. I am getting excited...it will be great to see you guys there!