Thursday, September 18, 2008


So lately Caleb and I have been smelling a strange and ever increasing odor in our kitchen. I thought at first it was the trash, but Caleb has been taking it out regularly. Than I thought it was something from the fridge, but it's empty so it couldn't be that. Than I checked under the sink and once again found nothing. This strange smell has been around for about a week, and yesterday morning as I was leaving for work it was really bad. Bad enough to stop me in my tracks. I was then determined to find the source of this weird smell. I sniffed at the sink, the trash and the cupboards, nothing. I sniffed near the stove- something? there was an empty pot on the stove that I knew was clean, but I checked it out anyway. Nothing. The smell was definitely coming from the stove area. I opened the oven on a whim and WHAM I found the source. (Brace yourselves) There sitting on the oven rack was an aluminum casserole dish. Inside of the disposable dish was a week and a half old BREAKFAST casserole that we had served at the ladies brunch I hosted on Sept. 6th. Is that sick or what. I promise we looked everywhere. I never thought to look in the oven because it is summer and I have not been baking. I was soooooooooooo grossed out when I opened the oven I was literally gagging (too much info I know). Not wanting to leave the growing object in my oven ( according to Darwin if I leave it in there any longer it may turn in to a saber tooth tiger, and I sure don't want that) I held my breath and used a large trash bag to get it out of the oven and into the trash.
Can you believe that it had been in the oven since the 6th of Sept. That is just sick! Egg, bacon, bell pepper, potato. Just sitting in the oven growing spores. *waves of nausea*


Mom Dillon said...

A another great (or do I mean gross) story to add to Uncle Rick's pazole and turkey story!

Great family legends!!

Of course, I won't tell mine!

Camping Trip said...

Well I have one more, that happened the next day.

Jana McVay said...

Ewwwww, sounds awful!

Lozano Family said...

Oh my goodness! I am sooooo laughing. Here I am and I was just checking out everyone's blog before I post on mine, and I had to laugh -- I have a story very similar to this to put up, including picture! Too funny.

Katie Booker said...

Man and that casserole was so VERY yummy that day. I guarantee it didn't taste that good by then.