Thursday, September 4, 2008

Retail Therapy

Today was a wonderful day. I went to work, met Caleb at the optometrist (he found some new glasses like is first pair, which he really liked), then we went to Wally World and I found a bunch of stuff on clearance.
Also, because my first class (room 5) has a permanent aide, I have been splitting my time between rooms 5 and 6 (room 6 is primarily ADHD kids, they are really lots of fun). It is a good thing too, because I was still a little cranky when I got to work this morning. By mid afternoon I heard that the boy I used to assist had bitten his new assistant. He bit her good too. She showed me the mark over an hour after it happened and I could still see every little tooth in her arm. She was pretty upset about it, but hey that's just part of the job.
In other news, there is not other news, other than the fact that I think Caleb has the flu. He has been feeling pretty lousy all day and looks pretty bad too. I mean, as bad has he can look, you know being SO handsome in all, I guess he just looks average, which is bad for him, because usually he looks muy whapo.


Andrew Dillon said...

um... I'm surprised that I even have to correct your spelling in SPANISH!!!!

It's Guapo.. not whapo!

Whapo is what Curly did to Mo

Anonymous said...

LOL I looked it up online too. that is funny.

Anonymous said...

I will never be a rite-er

preston said...

or a spell chequer?

I didn't realize a teacher's aide position was such a high risk job. Maybe we should suggest that the Governator raise the pay scale to match the injury risk! J/K LOL

Something really witty and funny said...

Well considering the FACT that I can't spell in English or Spanish, the job obviously does not require too much brain power. People like me would work for free because we do not know any better. To me, the world is just one big comic strip and I am the “not smart pig”. Selah. LOL