Monday, September 29, 2008

What I really want to do is act.

It is a lazy man that can't find his wife a second job.
Today I found out that I am staying at my current school until the end of the school year. That means I have a steady job until June 11th. Hooray!
With that being said, I must confess something. I have never been a great housekeeper. When I lived with my parents my section of the room was always the messiest one ( I shared a room with my two sisters). Being married to Caleb has not changed much. Now that I have a job that requires me to chase, carry, and restrain children (thus using up what little energy I have for the day) I have an even better excuse as to why my house is not spotless. I am babbling about this because I am sitting here looking at a mountain of laundry that needs to be done. I really really really really hate doing laundry. I guess because it is such a process. Sort,wash, dry, hang, fold, put away, repeat. I like things like mowing the lawn. You just get out there with a mower and mow. That's it. Done. But Caleb is not a lazy man and since being a wife is my first job and dodging flying phlegm is my second job I must put my weariness aside and clean.


Revered and Distinguished Guest #1 said...

YES YOU MUST! For you have revered and distinguished guests arriving Friday.

Going to see Brian Regan without you said...

you are such a DORK!