Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The cast of characters

Count Chocula started it all, then there was Spidy with his web slinging action, and now there is Spittoon Boy.
Spittoon boy can project his spit about two to three feet ahead of him. He expectorates about once every twenty minutes on average. I'm not talking about just saliva, it's chunky. This is one kid I have not gotten used to. Every time he spits I want to throw up. Just thinking about it is making me queasy.

Now that Spittoon boy has been introduced let me share a story. Yesterday was S.B.'s first day back to school after a two week absence. Of course we all hoped that he would not start his spitting habit, but it was back and in full force. During recess S.B. was hanging out in front of the classroom and had spit on the concrete at least three times. We made him clean it up, and than sent him to go play somewhere else. About ten minutes after S.B. was gone I happened to look up and see three boys crowding around him. He was standing on the concrete at the edge of a grassy area. Once my eyes really began to communicate with my brain I realized that S.B.'s little tush was exposed because he had pulled down his pants. I walked over to break up the crowd only to find that S.B. has decided he really needed to use the restroom and the grass was the best place to do it. He is literally standing there urinating and there is nothing I can do about it. Really, what can you do? it's not like I can make him stop. To top it off he went for a LONG time.( I know this story is SO tacky but it is really for my father in law; I just think he would enjoy it.) After S.B. was done I pulled up his pants, scolded him, and sent him to time out. Which means he was sent to go sit in front of the classroom. I guess he won that one.

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Keri said...

Just reading that made me want to throw up. I cannot imagine having to deal with that on a daily basis...