Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crazy Hair Day

This week has been Red Ribbon Week. Each day of the week has a theme and all of the staff and students are encouraged to dress according to the theme of the day.
Monday: Wear red from head to toe (I forgot and wore blue I think)
Tuesday: Lei off drugs, everyone wears a lei (We gave our kids leis and that lasted about two minutes, so just the teachers wore them)
Wednesday: Use your head don't do drugs, Crazy Hair day (I did it, but I am not sure about posting the pics.)
Thursday: It's no sweat to be drug free, everyone wears sweats ( No one did this one because it was like 85 today)
Friday: No theme, it's Halloween.
Today was a great day. The kids were wonderful and we had so much fun at the end of the day during story time. The students have been acting out a book called, The Little Old Lady Who is Not Afraid of Anything. Tomorrow a lot of the parents are going to come and observe our class, so we are going to have the kids act out the story for the parents as a little play, of sorts.
LOL those are Caleb's shoes. I hope he hasn't been looking for them.

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