Monday, October 13, 2008

Fifth times the charm

My car seems to be working now. My Dad made me start it up five times in a row before he approved it as road ready. LOL. All I know is it got Whoot and I to Starbucks and back. I am not sure what is going to happen with the whole "MEGA bass" thing. I may just drive around without a radio for a while. Beyond all that, I am soooo bored. I have an interview today for sub preschool teacher at 3pm. I had applied for the position a long time ago and just got a call back last week. I like where I work now, but preschool is my thing. If they offer me enough I may switch. I am also taking Poor Joey in to be groomed. He looks so bad it really is embarrassing. Whoot has taken to dragging him around by the tail again. It was bleeding the other day. I am not too sure what to do about that situation. It's not like we catch Whoot doing it every time. We just see the end result.
My Dad said this to me while we worked on the car: " Your are just like your Mother, you never listen to me. I need a new woman, a young one, you know, like, 52 or so."
LOL, you know you are up there in age when 52 is a young chic.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, watch it!!

I resemble that remark!


Several years ago, an elder saint told me that I was the only "young" person that hugged her. At the same time, the teens were rolling their eyes because I am so "yesterday"!!

It's all relative!

Enjoy your youth while you have it!!

Mom Dillon