Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting better

My Dad and I have been working on my car for about half an hour. I added some liquid to the battery, as it was a little low. We found out that there is a mega bass cable the connects from the stereo system directly to the car battery. It is currently suspect of slowly draining my battery because it never turns off. As long as the cable is connected to the battery it is collecting power so that when I want to rattle the teeth of my passengers with MEGA bass I can. We disconnected the cable and taped it up so that it is not dangling from the engine area. (I'd hate to somehow run it over and pull out my whole engine or something ridiculous) The cable situation will be left for further review on another day. Thankfully my Dad has a battery charger left over from his days of fixing my family's cars. So we are trying to charge the battery. I really hope we have solved this problem. We shall see.

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