Thursday, October 9, 2008

We will have a sub teacher on Friday.

Today was quite a day. It was the kind of day where you just had to be there to know.
Although one of the aides did get punched in the face by a little girl. The aide was mimicking how the girl sounded as she screamed and cried. NOTE: When mocking an angry child, always stand at least an arms length away. Beyond that, we have all come to the conclusion that we are herding cats. There is always at least one child who will refuse to go with the flow. The boys have gotten into "play" fighting and suddenly become deaf when we call out to them. We call it play fighting so that we don't have to break it up every time. LOL as long as no one cries I don't see anything. (I'm kinda kidding) We have made some progress with some of the students. Two of the boys that did not talk at all are now communicating with short sentences. Of course the boys have always been able to speak in these short sentences, we have just now been able to bring it out of them at school. We found out that at home one of the boys can say his alphabet forwards and backwards. At school he doesn't even talk, he just spits.
I got paid today! I think I am short one day, but I'm not sure. I'm just going to let it go this time. I am just happy to have some extra money. Maybe I will use it to by some cowboy boots with spurs on the back.

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