Monday, November 3, 2008

Best Ever: The day I allow myself to act like myself; spoiled.

This past week was the best Birthday Week ever. Yes, that's right birthday WEEK. Those who know me well know that I take my B-days very seriously. It's like a non-religious Christmas or something. So everyday Caleb did something sweet for me (I didn't make him, but it was implied that I would greatly appreciate any and all efforts). THe highlight of the week was when he hired my niece Valerie to come over and clean our whole house. It was nice to come home from work and see everything where it should be. :)
Caleb and I went out to Black Angus on Saturday. We had a four course meal that ended with an awesome mile high chocolate cake. The cake was so big and it came with ice cream and a little jar of hot fudge. So Good. Caleb also gave me my official birthday gift on sat. I must say he really tricked me with it. All week long he had been complaining how he didn't think I would like my gift. And all week long I reassured him that he is the best gift giver. So, Saturday came and he brought my gift to me right before we went out. It was a pink robe and some matching slippers. NoW, remembering that I am very serious about my b-days, I was in shock. A Robe? Come on. I tried to be gracious about it but it was obvious I was not too thrilled. Caleb just kept telling me to try it on, and then I would see how comfy it is and I would love it. So I finally tried the robe on, the only problem was it was really heavy on one side. (I am a little slow sometimes) So I felt around to see what the problem was and that's when I discovered I had been had. In the right side pocket of my robe was a really nice watch (I have been begging for a watch for like a year). I don't even want to know what my face looked like. I felt like a big ol' dork and a little embarrassed. Caleb just laughed and laughed and said he couldn't believe how ungrateful I was. LOL
On Sunday we when out with some friends to MiMi's. I got a free slice of chocolate cream pie and shared a little of it. Today the ladies I work with bought me lunch and gave me a 15 dollar Starbucks gift card. That was so nice and totally unexpected. But alas all good things must come to an end. So the conclusion of Birthday Week 2008 is coming quickly.
Maybe My wonderful father in the law will take me to Breakfast or something. That would be very kind, you know all things considered.

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mom dillon said...

No, it's not over yet, you get to come see us (and attend West Coast Conference while you're visiting us!!) and open the gift that is too big to mail.