Monday, November 10, 2008

Eight year olds and I think alike

I have a very small foot. My shoe size is 5 1/2, 6 if it's flats. I have been known at times to shop in the children's section for flats or work shoes, as I have found that children's flats have much more support. Be all that as it may, one of my most prized purchases from the children's section are a pair of riding boots I bought about two years ago. They were an emergency buy, I needed them for a trip to San Francisco. Seeing as we went in February I needed something comfortable and warm. Thus the boots. These boots have served me well, I have grown fond of them and tho they are beginning to wear down, I still love them. This evening Caleb and I were walking around a mall in Victorville. I noticed to my right a little girl wearing and velvet leopard print jogging suit. The girl kept looking at me as if observing something about me. When our paths came to a place of crossing the little girl leaned in and said " I like your boots!", and kept walking. I said thank you and laughed a little. Then I noticed that she had on the same pair! This girl was like eight, maybe ten. I told Caleb I wasn't sure if it could except that I had the same taste in shoes as an eight year old wearing a leopard print from head to toe.

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