Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hailey is spreading rumors.

I haven't posted about my beloved Hailey Brooke in a long time. Mostly because I don't get to spend as much time with her anymore. She is still my "best buddy forever" and when I do see her she is just so sweet. Hailey is getting close to being four and is right at that stage where you should watch what you say around her because she is likely to spread the news. Yesterday I went to my Mom's house and Hailey was there. I talked with my Mom for a while and then Hailey and I left and went back to my house. On the way to my house we were talking about different things. I told Hailey I needed to put my Christmas stuff away and she said she would help me clean and when she was all done my house would be sooo shiny (Cute I know). So we get inside my house and straighten up a bit. Afterwards, I showed her some Disney Princess sites on the computer. While going to different sites an advertisement popped up. I don't know what it was for but, there was picture of a lady holding a baby. So being the weird Auntie that I am, I asked Hailey if she wanted Auntie to have a baby. I really wanted her to be jealous and say no lol, but she said yes and went into a long story about how it is going to come out of my stomach and she is going to rock it to sleep and lay it on the couch. Then she looks at me and asks "Are you getting a baby Auntie?" to this I reply no not yet. So anyways the day goes on and the evening came. At about 10PM I went over to my Mom's house to visit with family. At 11PM the phone rang and it was my sister (Hailey's Mom) so I answered it. She says, " Is this Auntie?" I said, "no your Auntie this is Sarrah." She laughs and begins to tell me a very interesting story. Apparently Hailey was sitting with her Dad at the table just drawing away. Out of nowhere she looks up and whispers to her Dad, "My Auntie's having a baby" and then just keeps on drawing. LOL her Dad freaks and tells her Mom, who calls me because she said she thought Hailey was prophesying LOL. I told her about our previous conversation, but I think she is still convinced her little angel had been used of God.

Yesterday my sister walks into my Mom's house and my Dad asks if she had cut her hair. She said no. Hailey pipes up and says, " No Mama didn't cut her hair, the lady did!" HAHA how classic is that.

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Katie Booker said...

"Out of the mouth of Babes"....
I believe she is a SheProphet!!

I'm Praying she is!!! =)