Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Knowledge makes your smarter?

A few things I have learned, thanks to my special students.

1. Never hold a child's hand. I always hold the kids by the wrist because I know where that hand has been.
2. Never leave an angry child alone in the bathroom for too long. Believe me they have ways of getting you back.
3. Teaching very small children to say very big words can bring a tremendous amount of laughter to your day. (Eucalyptus)
4. You have to be special to work in special ed.
5. I can open ketchup and ranch packets like nobodies business.
6. Just because it is funny doesn't mean it's OK. (yesterday a little boy came busting out of the bathroom with just his shorts on and his t-shirt in his hand. We looked at him and he started dancing, swinging his shirt in the air, and shaking his hips. I was the one that had to pretend to be upset because the other teachers were busy hiding their laughter.)
7. Snot will not kill you, but it can ruin your lunch.
8. You can't fight every bad behaviour, just the ones that might leave marks.
9. Don't take everything so serious. It's OK to like your job and your coworkers.
10. Lastly, kiss up to the teacher and you will get to have a longer lunch LOL kidding.


The best brother in the law you have said...

Every one of those made me laugh... I love your job! I think I love your job more then I love my own. haha

Lozano Family said...

Those are funny, I can identify with most of them. I love your 'School Stories'. They are great! You've definately got to be special to do what you do - and I mean that in a good way! Keep us posted on Spidey and the gang....

Mary Frances said...

HAHA!!! These are ALL great but I really like number 4!!!!!!