Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nothing New

I haven't posted in a while because there really is nothing to post about. This week has been filled with times of cleaning my house and eating way too much. Yesterday was my last official "free" day. Now I have to start walking off some pounds in order to get ready for Christmas. Gotta love the holidays.
I did go to work one day this week. I was awakened at 5AM on Tuesday when the Sub Desk's automated calling system gave me a ring. I was a little irritated at first and then I realized I was wide awake and had no chance of going back to sleep. I laid in bed awhile and then decided I should take the job, so I did. Boy, was it BORING. No spit slaps, nose picking, not even a good cussing out. LOL. Honestly, I would rather work with my wild bunch any day, at least they have personality.
Thanksgiving was nice. Tons and tons of people this year. I think we are all on the same "holiday sharing" schedule, which is good. Caleb ate a pie and a half. LOL, this is how weird my husband is: he weighed himself right before we went over to my Mom's for Thanksgiving (which was about 1pm) then he weighed himself when we got back home (about 11pm), he gained SEVEN POUNDS! Is that sick or what? I think he is trying to get a job as Santa at the mall or something.


Keri Garrett said...

Since Michael & Jenni were still in Fresno, all of us (my parents, brother, sis-in-law & Grandma) went to Fresno then on up to the mountains for Thanksgiving. Chris, Raven & I saw your mother-in-law Saturday night, and when my brother told her he wanted to leave Sat night and drive part of the way home, she offered us your house to stay in. We decided to have mercy on you and not show up unannounced.

Sure was nice of Aunt Sandra to offer though! :) :) :)

Motel Dillon said...

LOL. Well I am sure we would have gotten a warning call. It would have been fun to have you all around though. Maybe next time.