Tuesday, November 11, 2008


West Coast was a great time of Food, Food, and more Food. I am officially on a diet because I think I gained like three pounds in just five days. (Sundaes at 11PM didn't help I'm sure)
I am also on a quest for the perfect jean skirt. I was thinking something darker, I wanted to wear dark denim and dark chocolate brown for our Christmas pics. Which, by the way, I am so nervous about. Caleb and I haven't taken pics since our wedding, and I usually end up with way dark circles under my eyes. So any tips on picture taking or jean skirt finding are appreciated.
Beyond that, life is going smoothly. I am working and Caleb is making good money like the old days, gas is almost down to 1.99. I did just find out I am hostessing for our ladies progressive. It's in like three weeks and I was told to go way out on presentation. (and if Kim says way out, that means she wants a reindeer petting zoo) AHHH! I am going to get all my Christmas stuff out today and see what I have. Poor Caleb, we had Thanksgiving in September and now Christmas in November. What have we become a department store?
In other nonsense. I need to post more pics of stuff. My blog has just become a bunch of words. I like the books with all pictures and no words better, don't you?


Bekki said...

Newport-news.com has nice jean skirts generally...

The Dillons said...

Thanks a bunch, I'll look into it.