Monday, December 29, 2008

Good Bye

Yesterday my Mother's Brother (my uncle) died. I personally only met this uncle about two times that I can remember. Regardless, it is my Mom's brother so she is taking it pretty hard. When we arrived in from Fresno last night, I called her to ask if there was any food left over from Christmas. She said yes and then started to cry as she told my about her brothers death. The family sort of knew that he was going to pass on pretty soon. He had been admitted to the hospital last week, and a couple of days ago he was taken off of life support. I guess in those few days he seemed to be getting much better. Everyone grew hopeful. My Mom said he died yesterday around five (pm?), she never got to visit him in the hospital. I think that is one of the reasons her hurt has been compounded. Please say a little prayer for her, that God will comfort her. This is the third family member she has lost in the last two years.

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