Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm off to bed, but first an interesting story.
Caleb told me today that he had a patient that was like over 65 years old. It was a man and the man had chest jewelry (if you know what I mean). The sight of the accessories was enough to freak Caleb out. The procedure what was being done required that the rings be removed. Unfortunately for Caleb the poor old man had arthritis and could not take the jewelery off. So (LOL!) Caleb had to take them off of the man. HAHA is that funny or what?! Caleb said he put on like two pairs of latex gloves. I just can't get over it. Can you imagine? "Ah Mr. Talkjdasa, you are going to have to remove those, ah, metal, ah, yeah those." "Oh sorry sonny, I have arthritis, my hands just don't work like they used to. Would you mind doing the honors?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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