Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just thinkin out loud

I think I am going to start a food blog. Caleb and I (admittedly) eat out A LOT. Too much. It seem like every time we buy groceries and vow not to buy any other food for the rest of the week, the groceries just stay in the fridge (or are donated to my Mom) and rot. So maybe if I start blogging all of the places we eat or want to eat it will help me to see that we really do eat out a lot. I don't, but we could also help some people find some really really good eateries that they may never have tried before.
Anyways........ I am making a scarf. It is so cute. I think I will finish it today (this evening). It is lime green and all twisty-N-stuff.
Oh, and Thanks Mom and Dad-according-to-the-law. Caleb set up our camping kitchen last night, it is totally AWESOME. Seriously I was really impressed. LOL he hasn't taken it down yet either. He said he wants to set up ALL of our camping stuff on it, so I can take a picture and post it to the blog. What a Weirdo. So right now it is sitting in the middle of the kitchen. I am afraid it may become our new kitchen table.

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Graceful Threads said...

The Family Meal Table by Nancy Campbell is a good book that may encourage you to stay home to eat! Just a thought!:-)