Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh the joys of Shopping

We left at 11AM we returned at 11:13PM. We went, we bought and we are still not done. Almost. But not yet.

So far Caleb and I have bought for everyone on our list. We just need a few extras for two people. Actually we are going to return something because we found something BETTER. Hopefully we will finish after church this morning. I had a personal goal of buying everyone's gift in one day. If we could have gotten ourselves to buy a gift card than we would be done. Oh well, I figure if I buy something for someone and they take it back, than it is just like I got them a really nice gift card.

One thing I did notice while crossing the death trap of a parking lot at Victoria's Garden is: people are a lot nicer to you when you are walking TO your car. Ever notice that? Just pay attention next time you go shopping. When you are walking from your car to the store it's like you are in a game of FROGGER. Dodging cars, nasty words and random shopping carts. When you are walking to your car the world is your oyster? People will stop and do that little hand motion that means "you first". They smile, nod and kindly roll down the window to ask " where are you parked, my precious holiday shopper?" Caleb and I were joking that people would probably give you a ride to your car if you asked. "Oh sure I'll give you a ride. Would you like some Hot Chocolate also?" Maybe I will try that this afternoon.


The forgotten brother by law said...

I'm removed from the blog list? I guess I DO need to update my forgotten blog. lol

The Dillons said...

LOL, well I redid my background and it always deletes the blog roll thingy. So yeah, I didn't add you back on because I didn't think you were blogging anymore.