Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poor Caleb

So this is weird, but Caleb is stuck in Victorville tonight. The 15 freeway going to and coming from Victorville is closed due to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, my poor husband is stuck. Thankfully, my sister lives up there so he is just going to spent the night at her house. The funny thing is my sister and her family are stuck down here, so they are going to be spending the night at my Mom's. Hopefully the freeway will be open tomorrow evening when Caleb gets off of work.
On top of everything else Caleb forgot his jacket this morning and he said there is like six inches of snow outside.


Jana McVay said...

Poor Caleb AND Mark! Mark got stuck up there today. He is staying with a co-worker whose wife is stuck down the hill! Sound familiar?

Luckily for Mark, he took clothing and stuff in case this happened. He said our Matrix's tires were 3/4 of way covered by snow at 3 o'clock when his warehouse closed to ensure safe travel for the employees who live locally.

Shortly I will be posting pictures Mark sent earlier today of the snow outside his work.

Bekki said...

I got stuck down HERE!!! For DAYS. It's not been ideal.