Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tomorrow is a half day!

Tomorrow is the day before my TWO (count 'em, T-W-O-O) week vacation. Whoot, Whoot- and I don't mean the dog- which by the way I need to post pictures of, he is so big he can rest his head on our dining table-not that we allow him too, he just does it sometimes. Any-who, I am a little hyper and a little out of my mind at the moment. About two hours ago I took some heavy duty pain meds, so I am happy as can be right now. (too much info, I'm sure) Caleb came home this evening and we got our picture order from Laura. They turned out really really well. (if I do say so)
Not too many new stories from school. Spidey's Mom gave us all a Christmas card with a gift card to McDonald's. That was really nice.
LOL "Sammy" almost wee'd on me yesterday. I was changing his diaper (he stands,I sit on a little box, I take it off the diaper, wipe and put a new one on) and it was really cold in the restroom. All of a sudden he starts yelling, "pee, pee!" (from what I have heard tiny baby boys sometimes wee when they are wiped with a cold wipe) So I freaked and just tried to cover the "area" with the diaper before I got sprayed. Thankfully it was a false alarm.
Ugg, Spittoon boy is still at it, but the other day was just sick. He came off of the bus and the driver was like "SB has a little baggie and he has been spitting in it, his Mom said he has a cough". OK? what does a cough have to do with loogies? Anyway, he steps off the bus and he has a clear sandwich bag FULL, literally (I am gagging right now-mental pictures) FULL of green phlegm. There was nowhere close by to throw the bag away, so we had to walk all the way to class with this baggie of mucus. Gross!


Jana McVay said...

OH ho ho ho NASTY!!! I am gagging trying not to mentally picture it!!! You have a VERY interesting job to say the least!!!

No phlegmbags here kthx said...

I don't want your job.... but I'm glad you have it.

Anonymous said...

Who is "the art of dancing in the rain" on your links? They're very very self-righteous. To the point of nauseating.

Bekki said...

Oh thats gross Sarrah. . .I do not envy you!

And Anon, that's actually me, though I don't mean to be self-righteous. Sorry if it appears that way to you!

She is Nice. said...

LOL. I guess I need to moderate? Sorry Bekki.

Bekki said...

Eh, I don't mind. I know that I run the risk of making myself a target when I blog. lol.

That is why I moderate though, I have gotten quite a few nasty comments.

They just probably don't know me. =0)

Rachel Roberts said...

LOL! Yes anon, you are right. Bekki is soooo self-righteous. LOL! (note the sarcasm) You obviously don't know her at all, and if you do you have a completely wrong perception of her. She's the opposite of self-righteous.

Erica Rose said...

Amen Rachel! I have never seen Bekki as self righteous.. She honestly is the exact opposite... Obviously whoever said so (anonymously of course, which is the cowards way out :-P) does not know her, or they would know why she says and does what she says and does! :)

Yes Moderating comments may be the key to this!