Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So yesterday was a very frustrating day. My car died twice. The first time it died I was parked at Starbucks (big surprise there). I tried to start my car in order to drive back to work when I realized that the battery was too low to start the car. I called triple A and a tecnician came out about a half hour later. So now I am half an hour late for work. When the guy came out I told him I needed a jump, but he insisted on checking stuff and turning knobs (now 45+ mins late). Finally he jumped my car and I drove to work. Then, when I was off work my car was dead again. Ahhhh I was so mad. I was even madder when I found out the tech had turned on my car lights and left them on (which is what killed that battery that time) So I call triple A again, and they are like "ah didn't you already call today?" Whatever. So, a new tech comes out and checks stuff. This guy seemed like he knew a lot more about cars then the first guy. He suggested that I get the alternator replaced because that is probably what is killing the battery.
Of course I am calling Caleb every five minutes as this all is happening. I told him the second tech said the alternator on the jeep is really easy to replace and that it would save us a lot of money to find a friend to fix it. Caleb takes this as a call to fix my car himself. Now, Caleb (as long as I have known him) has never been a mechanic, so when I found out he was fixing my car (not my Dad) I was a little upset. In the end I was upset without reason because after about two hours of hard work Caleb not only replaced the alternator, but he also fixed the little connectors that go from the battery to the car. So all in all he saved us a good chunk of money and slightly began to prove to me that he can fix things. LOL. I say slightly because I can still remember a time when our kichen was flooding with water.
All that being said my car started fine today.


Sandi Dillon said...

So, Dad in the law's relentless teaching finally paid off!!

Caleb probally knows alot but after Dillon's car repair boot camp, who would want to??

Congrats, Caleb!

Love, Mom

Lozano Family said...

Car trouble is the worst - Glad to hear that you're night in shining armor came through. Too bad we didn't know about his amazing alternator skills last month, we could have used him over here:)

Katie Booker said...

So sorry to hear about the car. I thought you were going to say your car wouldn't start because you didn't get gas LOL!!!
Thankfully this didn't happen to us during the TORNADO on Saturday night =)
Way to go Caleb. We didn't know you had it in you! haha

The chief mechanic & wrestler said...

My goodness... just because I beat up your husband doesn't mean you have to lose faith in him COMPLETELY!! Give the guy some credit. He is related to me, and he DOES have his own tools... and it's JUST an alternator.

fixer of most things said...

Honestly there is much more to this story. I just didn't want to tell it all. lol