Friday, January 16, 2009

So I have a few stories today.
Wednesday night Caleb and I were sitting in our home office when I heard a faint whimper. Whoot was in the house and I hadn't seen Joey, so I told Caleb that Joey was outside crying. Caleb walks out to the backyard and of course I hear "ayyeee Joey". This time poor old Joe was not in the pool, but he had fallen in a hole that Whoot has been digging for some time now. The hole was pretty deep but not very wide, so my guess is that Joe just couldn't jump out of it. Poor guy, who knows how long he was stuck in there. I'm tellin' you Whoot is trying to get rid of Joey. I told Caleb that given Whoots tendency to drag Joey around by the tail, he probably was trying to bury him like a dog toy.

Nose Pickers. We have all seen them. All this week at work I have tried my best to get this one little boy to stop picking his nose and eating his boogers. Honestly, mucus grosses me out so bad. So this kid is really pushing me over the edge. Yesterday, toward the end of our school day I finally had enough. He was digging in his nose. I told him to stop and he wouldn't, so I yanked him up and made him use a tissue. apparently he did not know how to blow his nose so I showed him how. When we finally made some progress and blew out a few boogers, the little guy looks at the tissue (which I am holding) and tries to snatch a booger off. Ahhh is that dedication or what? I told him he couldn't have it and I gave him a new tissue. He begins using this new tissue as shown and I am starting to feel good about the whole situation. Later in the day I see he still has this tissue so I told him to go throw it out. He walks over to the trash can and begins SUCKING on the TISSUE! Come on! I was so grossed out I just turned the other way. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop this nose picking ?


Lozano Family said...

Sarrah I am laughing! Wow - I've got nose pickers alright. I am working on my second one, but jeeze, I've never had one quite that dedicated. Aubrie was fairly easy to get off that habit, Aria is proving to be a little harder, and the baby doesn't have enough coordination for that to be a problem yet. It is really disgusting. I broke my youngest brother of that habbit by taking him to wash his hands. EVERY TIME. At first this was wonderful. He loved it. But I held out, and no matter what, if he was caught digging, he was washing. It got to the point where it interrupted just about everything he did, eating and playing and stuff. It did take a few days, but it worked. I don't know if this would work with all kids, especially given that you're working with special needs children, but I am getting ready to try it on Aria. It's too gross when you catch her and tell her to stop and clean her hands and she pops a big one in her mouth....... All I can say is - I wish you the best of luck on that one!

Anonymous said...

You could always try this:

The next time he's digging in his nose, tell him "OH MY GOODNESS! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE EATING YOUR BRAINS! Don't you know that's where boogers come from?! Everytime you eat a booger, you are losing a part of your brain!! Stop eating those boogers and you will be so much smarter!!!"

Lol I don't know how well it will work, lol It's worth a shot though! I'll pray for ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I have one of those in my class. It grosses me out to no end!! Mine puts the whole tissue in his mouth. Apparently I am the one missing out because my other students have begun doing the same thing :{ I have tried washing hands, keeping sanitizer on my desk, and explaining how utterly disgusting it is to be eating that gooey green stuff (gag)....I am in the same boat I have no idea on how to fix this brain eating problem. LOL