Monday, March 16, 2009

good weekend

So the inGroup potluck was great. We had about 50ish people (I guess this includes kids) show up. Which from what I hear is a really good turn out. We had a lot of fun too. I don't think I sae anyone sitting alone having conversation with the wall. Not even me, and those that really know me know that is a BIG accomplishment. (My family "jokes" that I have ADD)
Sunday morning I did not go to church because I messed up and did not eat at my normal breakfast time. (I have found a system that works, but I have to be right on schedule) Needless to say I ended up with some pretty bad morning sickness. Sunday night was wonderful. Bro. French is preaching a revival for us. He is such a unique preacher. There is just something about a person with great enthusiasm. Anyway, we have church tonight and tomorrow night.
Wednesdays before church Caleb has been teaching a Bible study to an adult group home. Since we do not have church this Wednesday, I am going to with with Caleb and make dinner for all the people there. How fun! I have been bugging Caleb to let me make them something, (cheese cake, cream puffs, cookies)but he just kept putting me off. Well when he did decide that he wanted to incorporate my culinary expertise he gave me a big job. With the help of a Sis Sanchez (Mom's mystery buddy) we are making Crispy tacos, beans, rice and salsa. Fun fun fun.
I am hoping to have pics of the potluck by the end of the week, but we shall see.
All this typing and the timestamp at the bottom must beg the question, Why am I not at work? Well there is a very entertaining story to answer this question, but I am not sure if I want everyone to know. For sure I must tell my father according to the law and show him a picture that will top Dr. Seuss.
Oh one last thing, because my family thinks I have ADD, I decided to name our daughter (if we have one) Aubry Denise Hannah Dillon. Get it? ADHD. lol I love it.


Jana McVay said...

I love the ADHD name!!!! LOL
The TIG potluck was great and I only saw one person talking to a wall...ok...jk! It was a LOUD success with ALL those KIDS EVERYWHERE!

Did you like our 7 layer dip? It was brought JUST for you...and the fact that it was easy to put together at the last minute...

Keri Garrett said...

So I just sort of skimmed this post and saw the name for a girl and immediately text messaged Andy - CALEB & SARRAH ARE HAVING A GIRL?!?! And then I got his reply, went back and reread (fully & carefully) your post and saw that you said IF you had a girl. I was all ready to be jealous of Andy getting a niece before I did, since nephew number 3 is on the way!