Monday, March 9, 2009

Olives and Cheese cake

That's not my craving, but it is one I read about. How gross.
The only true craving I have right now is Ice. I love ice, but I hate water. It's weird because before I got pregnant I liked my drinks to be room temp or just a little chilled. Now, at work I buy a bottled water and throw it in the freezer. For the rest of the morning I am constantly checking to see if my water has turned into slushy ice. Crushed ice is the best though. Yummy.
Here are some weird cravings that I found on the Internet. They are all related to non-food items and are speculated to be linked to anemia. (Which I have always had)
  • I have had a craving for GASOLINE, VICKS VAPOR RUB, GOLD BOND MEDICATED POWDER, and LYSOL in these last weeks of my 2nd pregnancy.
  • With both my pregnancies I craved cigarette butts. I am not a smoker nor was my husband. We rented out a room to my husband's close friend and he did smoke. One eve. the craving was sooo strong that I actually dug out a half used butt and lit up just to pacify the craving!
  • . I craved the smell of new cars, Hardware stores and the smell a vaccum puts off when its running. I would vaccum my floors 10 times a day, it was like a treat for me to vaccum.
  • I have a craving for cotton but not just any cotton the kind that comes in stuff animals. I rib it on my tongue and then on the back of my throat. My daughter has lost 2 stuff animals because of my craving. Sorry baby. (what a freak!)
  • ive been craving the scent of lemon soft scrub. it smells sooooo good i bought a lemon candle its just not the same. i clean my sink like twice a day and my bathroom 3 times a week
  • I desparately craved car exhaust. I would lay in bed willing myself not to go out to the garage and turn on the car and just smell it. I was obsessed. I never actually took it that far, but I'll admit to walking behind running cars when it wasn't totally necessary.
  • I have craved the scent of paint thinner, gasoline and permanent marker... It smells so delicious.


SheGazelle said...

It's funny- a lot of people have never heard of this. It's a disorder called pica. Your ice craving may be a close relative to those other ladies cotton and car exhaust cravings... :-)

Anonymous said...

Ice craving is a sure sign of anemia. Go get it checked out! The baby won't suffer from your anemia, but you will.

Auntie Extraordinaire said...

This is a classic symptom of severe anemia. You said you've "always had it", but is it being treated? This isn't silly or something to be ignored, this is serious. Please mention it to your doctor at your next appointment - you probably need to be taking iron supplements.
Take Care,

Anonymous said...

My Doctor knows about my anemia. No need to worry ya'll it is being taken care of. :)

Mary Frances said...

Total FREAKS!!