Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Riot on Campus...

A little one anyway. Last Friday I was alone in the classroom preparing some art activities for this week. I had both doors to the classroom open to allow the of the stench of the greasy hot dogs the kids had for lunch to escape. I was about ten minutes into my project when I heard a bunch of student yelling Boo! I looked out the window and saw a few kids kicking around some lunch boxes, while the crowd of voices crying out, "Boo, Boo!" continued. Curiosity got the best of me, so I left my project and looked out the door. I did not see a fight. I did see everyone of the sixth graders on campus yelling boo. After observing that there was no visible reason for the students to be yelling, I marked it off as them being weird and went back to work. Just as I sat down I heard one of the boys yell, " What do we want? Recess! When do we want it? Now!" LOL apparently the sixth graders had an assembly that took up their recess time. The problem was they did not know recess was cancelled. They had just finished lunch when the bell rang signaling them to line up. It was so funny. The noon duty aides were yelling at the kids on their megaphones, the teachers were screeching for them to line up, but the kids just kept right on shouting and rioting (only in America). After a while the Principal finally came out and got the situation under control . It was quite a sight to see and it made me feel good to know that our class is not the only one that gets way out of control.

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