Thursday, April 16, 2009

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This is so funny. The picture shown above is from our quick trip to Fresno. We got to "take in" their Easter play Sunday afternoon. It was the last time they were doing the play so when it was all done the director wanted to take various cast photos. My father according to the law was a priest or something in the play. After taking about five pictures he thought he was done and had taken off his costume. Little did he know that there was one more picture to take. Dreading the thought of wearing all that "stuff" again, he secretly volunteered me to take his spot. ( perfect match, I know) So as the cast was posing and waiting for Jim Dillon to hurry up and get in place, I quickly threw on whatever I could and ran up to the stage and stood next to Uncle Rick. The funny part is no one noticed I was up there. It was so funny! They were just all posing and the director said she knew something was not right about the picture but couldn't tell what. So anyway, I have posting this picture and I hope that you get a laugh out of it.

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Amanda Jacobs said...

YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GREAT! I'm SO Sending it to my DAD! LOL :)