Thursday, April 9, 2009

Caleb said I should share.

So today was a doozie( duezzie do-zy, dosie doe) of a day. We have a new little boy who is so stinking stubborn you would not believe it. Like, think of the most stubborn person you know and times them by a million trillion billion times and maybe you would get close to understanding Johnny.
This afternoon I had to deal with him and boy did I make a BIG mistake. (back up: my coworkers think I am too soft and so I was trying my best to be authoritative) Johnny was laying on the floor next to his chair at circle time. All of the other children were sitting nicely singing songs or whatever. Christine and I went over to Johnny and I told him to get up (he is way to heavy for pregnant women to pick up) or I was going to throw his shoes in the trash. (back up: I am just going to write the dialogue of the conversation)
Sarrah : Get up or I am going to throw your shoes in the trash
Johnny: Do it throw them in the trash, take them, do it do it, I don't care, take them...etc.
Sarrah: (Now has shoes and trying to shock Johnny) Fine, now how about your pants, do you want me to throw your pants away to?
Johnny: Yeah, take my pants I dont care, take them.
Looking up to heaven for help, Sarrah now realizes nothing is going to work, but from the corner of her eye sees that Johnny has indeed gotten up off of the floor and has dropped his pants and is now shaking his chubby little body infront of the whole class.
Mrs. A : (Laughing) Fix that one Sarrah!
Oh My goodness! I was laughing so hard I could not do a thing, thankfully Christine was still level headed enough to get Johnny into the bathroom.


Lozano Family said...

So, most of us, when we decide, or the time just comes upon us to be parents, have absolutely no idea what we're doing, and sometimes very litte to look back on as reference. You, on the other hand appear to be getting some on the job training! Your school stories are great!

The Dillons said...

LOL. I belive your right. Although Caleb and I are wondering if our child will be and "ol' stick in the mud". I can already see us trying to teach the kid to have REAL fun.