Friday, April 10, 2009

Johnny is nice.

Another story from yesterday:
Johnny rides the bus home with another one of the students from our class. This student, mark is so sweet. He has a way of brightening up everyday. Mark unfortunately has to have a nurse with him at all time because of some medical issues. Mark's nurse is really nice also. She is very sweet and has a kind English accent. While riding the bus home yesterday, Johnny began to really act up. Cursing, yelling, getting out of his seat. It was to the point that the bus driver had to stop the bus. When we had a chance to talk to the bus driver about Johnny's behaviour the next day we were told not only did Johnny do all that, he also pulled of the nurse's WIG. (she is not bald, she just does not have very long hair) My goodness how embarrassing! Poor thing I am sure she was humiliated. I am glad he did not do that to her in class because that would have really been sad.
Moral of the story: if you work in special ed. make sure your wig is on tightly.

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